Atkins diet is the poster-child for Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diet

The world renowned Atkins diet is the poster-child for low carb diets. They claim that the dieter can lose as much as 15 pounds in the first two weeks. Researchers have reviewed the diet extensively and agree with Atkins, one can lose 15 pounds within the first two weeks. That is no easy task, however, and the dieting regimen is quite fierce.

By limiting the number of carbs, the body looks to alternative fuel sources. The next openly available source is the stored fat cells. By limiting the carbohydrates found in bread and starches, the body will begin depleting stored fat sources, dropping weight.

How to Do the Atkins Diet

Four Phases

There are four different phases of the Atkins diet, each allowing a different amount of net carbs. The first phase allows for 20 net carbs every day. Atkins delivers a food list with acceptable foods and their health benefits to the program. The program begins with a very strict diet and progressively loosens the reigns passing into each phase. The idea is to have the body burn stored fat cells in lieu of the carbohydrates typically enjoyed in each meal. Once the body has depleted a majority of the fat cells, carbohydrates are reintroduced into the diet to maintain a healthy weight. By phase 4 of the program, one should have reached their ideal weight.

The trick from there is keeping the weight off. The Atkins diet is the recommended amount of carbohydrates to burn daily without drawing on the body’s stored fat cells.

Health Risks

While the Atkins diet traditionally remains high in fat, there are no long term side effects to be concerned of. It is important to note that the Atkins diet is still new and while there have been many studies on the effects of the body, a longitudinal study showing the long-term effects has not been fully researched. Some short-term side effects may include weakness, dizziness, and irritability. These are the body’s form of withdrawing from the simple sugars and starches. A diet is a lifestyle adjustment and the body will need time to adjust. The above mentioned side effects are short term and will subside quickly.


The Atkins diet is well accepted simply due to the cost effective strategies involved. It is more expensive than buying a few dollar menu items from McDonald’s, but the costs are not severe. Processed foods are traditionally cheaper than fresh vegetables. The low carb diet allows the user to pick their protein (main staple).

This can allow dieters who are on a budget to attain cheaper ground chuck VS a traditional lean cut steak. Users should be aware that they will achieve the best results by buying grass-fed, hormone free protein’s against HGH-filled meat. When diving into the depths of seafood, wild caught fish are healthier options against farm-raised fish.

The Atkins diet holds the key to many as being a strong diet that offers actual results. While the regimen remains strict, there is a lot of individuality that allows the dieter to decide on their meals, within reason of course.

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